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Jill Gatwood



Jill Gatwood has lived in New Mexico for 45 years.  After working for many years as an epidemiologist, in New Mexico and the Caribbean, Jill now works fulltime as a mosaic artist.  She likes art that is not just viewed, but is participatory: that can be experienced, touched and felt (and she has a history of being kicked out of museums for this reason).  Sometimes almost all we have and know about an ancient civilization is from their mosaic works that are left behind, because everything else has disintegrated.  Jill likes to think that someday archeologists may learn about our culture from our mosaic art that endures for eons.

Jill’s recent focus has been in transforming common household items into works of mosaic art that highlight the innate, iconic beauty of their shape and purpose.  Some favorites are mailboxes, tables, toasters and other kitchen appliances, and skulls.   

Jill is also passionate about teaching mosaic art to others, especially self-proclaimed non-artists.  She has been teaching Basic Mosaic Art workshops at a variety of venues, including UNM Continuing Education, the Harwood Art Center, and in her home studio for the last five years.  Recently she has added a class in Using Thinset Mortar for Mosaic, which is very popular.  Many of her previous students have gone on to develop their own creative, unique mosaic styles and have redefined themselves as artists.

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