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Mosaic Classes

Mosaic Classes
                     by Jill

Jill Gatwood's Mosiac Classes

I teach at my home studio, at Oasis and a few other community venues.  

My mosaic art classes are:

Basics and Beyond:

First day, students mosaic an indoor piece of their own design incorporating vitreous and

recycled glass tiles using weldbond and glueing on MDF (medium density fiberboard).

The next day we grout them and then I demonstrate a variety of techniques using thinset mortar for

outdoors mosaics.

Mosaic Stepping Stone:

Students are provided with a 12"x12" paving stone and we use the mesh transfer method for the center part of the piece and direct method for the rest.  Classes are one week apart so students can finish tiling their stepping stones at home and come back to grout.  They also have the opportunity to do a second mosaic piece on mesh and apply it to the back of my house (or their own).

Mosaic Birdbath:

We tile a 16" terracotta plant saucers that can be used as a birdbath or a platter.

Found Objects:

Students bring a variety of found objects and I provide lots. We share them all around. 

Pieces are embedded in tinted thinset mortar on a piece of Hardibacker board.

African Houses: 

Students learn about 3D mosaics.  We adhere foam pieces together to create small houses, cover them with mesh

and thinset and tile them (and thatch the roofs). 

I was inspired by the painted houses of the Ndebele tribe in South Africa but students can use their own designs too.,   

Custom Class: 

A private class for groups of 4 or more.




All supplies are provided.

All classes (except the Found Objects class) are two days, either consecutively or a week apart.  

I send out information about my classes and various local mosaic art news in a regular NEWSLETTER.

I welcome adding anyone interested to my mailing list.  

Email Jill to get a current class schedule

or reserve your spot at


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Mosaic Classes
                         by Erika


Erika Harding's Mosiac Classes

I teach at my studio on Gold Street.

My mosaic art classes are:

Glass on Glass Mosaics:

The GOG class is appropriate for everyone, including beginners, who want to play with glass and learn how to make something beautiful.

Day 1 is a four-hour block, when we introduce techniques and talk about design, and then give everyone time to work on and complete their project or continue work at home.

Day 2 is a three-ish hour block when we will clean our pieces, grout and and then do final cleaning and hanging prep. You will then be ready to tackle much bigger projects, like glass-on-glass mosaic tables, for example. All tools and materials included.

Design Workshop:

The design workshop is a 3-part class with a collaborative, peer-to-peer approach.

First session is an evening class on Zoom and focus on discussing design elements, problem-solving and project planning.

Second session (an entire day, the following Saturday) is guided work time when we will work together on "andamento" or flow of tess, glass color and texture choices, and enhancing design with grout. The final session (one week later) will include grouting, cleaning, and reviewing lessons learned.

Email Erika to get a current class schedule

or book your class at:



Phone: 505-804-3726

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