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Patricia Halloran


Life is a mystery that art has helped me to explore, expand into, and express. As a child, I was moved beyond my own perceptions by viewing art in the N.Y.C. museums , as well as by my own play rearranging forest litter and drawing people on the beaches and trains. Today, symbols, archetypes, nature and dreams inform both my life and art, connecting and enlarging what appears separate to a greater whole, as a mosaic flows into form.


Art school in New York and at U.N.M. helped me to develop skills in painting, ceramics and metalwork . Later I worked  as a graphic artist and silversmith in Albuquerque, where I showed  my work at various arts and craft fairs and galleries. I became a teacher in art and gifted education for many years and my painting became more of an internal journey than an external communication. In 2003 I was able to return full time to my art and learn a new media involving cement sculptures and stained glass mosaics. I originally worked with the sculptor Roger Evans, and soon began selling my work at Art Fairs ,Chroma and Bosque galleries,and the Range Café. My pieces have been sold to people all over the U.S. I have also taught classes ,participated in community mosaic mural projects, and created sculpture for Presbyterian Hospital and a Children’s Hospital in Orlando.


For me, art is a psychic and spiritual journey, as well as an ongoing process of observation and imagination. My work continues to evolve in both content and technique and  to reflect my own growth, sometimes in joy, sometimes in sorrow, through life.

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