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Perri Yellin



I have been involved in studying and making art just about my entire life: beginning with oil painting as a child and teen, a BFA and MA in fine arts and continuing into the present with mosaics and metalwork.  When I began to create 3D art; mosaics, mixed media mosaic sculptures, jewelry and kinetic sculptures, I became more aware than I ever had been of the mental and physical journey taken with each new piece.  My ideas frequently come from phrases I can't get out of my head and address social issues or are inspired by the variety and complexity of materials and techniques I use.  I  often sit with piles of "stuff" and just play - experimenting with different combinations of things and enjoying the tactile qualities - before actually beginning a new piece. 


My mixed media mosaics and sculptures are mainly figurative.  I like the dichotomy of expressing voluptuous mortal flesh with the hard permanence of materials such as glass, metal and stone.  These materials can be so staggeringly beautiful in themselves that you get caught up in their rich facade, almost forgetting the complexity of the women I use them to describe.  My approach to my art has changed with working in mosaics as well.  I have been able to explore and express different aspects of my personality and ideas - with humor as well as beauty.


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