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"Look Out Crane" by Holly Kuehn

We are a group of New Mexico mosaic artists coming together to create a forum that will allow members to develop as artists through communication and sharing of ideas and techniques, exhibits and gallery shows, educational opportunities and outreach, community projects and alternative venues for presentation of member's work to the public at large.  Our goal is to develop a professional image within the New Mexico art community and to build lasting relationships with local businesses and other organizations who support the arts.


Mosaic New Mexico welcomes a diverse group of New Mexico mosaic artists exploring mosaic techniques. These include but are not limited to: stained glass,

fused glass, cast glass, glass tile, kiln formed ceramics, ceramic and porcelain tile, found objects on sculpture and wall pieces. 

New members are encouraged to join, no matter the experience or volume of work. 

Please go to our Membership Page for information on joining.


"Sandhill Dance" by Patricia Halloran

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