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Doreen Goodlin


I am an east coast transplant, New York City, garment center secretary, model…and explored my creative drive through dance…both professional and just for pleasure. After 27 years of New York life in the “Big Apple”, I moved to California for a different adventure in the movies….took acting classes & appeared in several movies as an extra.


My formal education and profession is in the Alternative Health Field.  While living in California I experienced many wonderful modalities of treatments for the clinic I operated for 25 years and integrated into my wealth of knowledge regarding health care.  Also, I became a natural herbalist. After exploring the wilds of the mountain region that I lived in, discovering over 75 herbals that grew in the area. I opened a herbal store to share the knowledge of our local wealth of plants and held regular classes in the wild and in the classroom.


I moved to New Mexico 17 years ago, and I became interested in the clay of the Earth. I studied with a well known artist for 6 years.  I had the opportunity to visit and work with the "Master" Juan Casada in Mata Ortiz, Mexico, for ten days.  His method of gathering and working with native clays fascinated me.  I started to collect clay where-ever I traveled in New Mexico.  Making small "cookies" for samples and testing each sample. To my delight, there are many colors. textures & consistencies available and I started developing a native clay line of pots.  I moved on to stoneware embellished with recycled bottle glass...tiles, utilitarian pottery, wall pieces, and the like, which can be seen on my web site.  I'm currently making "wall Wit", affirmation plaques and replica's of the "Venus Willendorf", and ancient Goddess figure.

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