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Bosha Gordon



My first mosaic class was in 2014 with Jill Gatwood. The description of the class
included “Warning: mosaic tiling is addictive.”
When I worked as a nurse practitioner on the Navajo nation in 1983, I made a lifelong friend who shares her knowledge of the Navajo ways with me and helps me with the meaning of shapes, figures, and color that I use in my work.
As I read and found interest in native rugs, paintings, art books, I put myself to the task of mosaic work of many designs and stories. The storm pattern is one of my best.
As an example, the piece called “The Maiden Feeding the Deer with Corn” based on the work by

Tommy Montoya, is not the typical situation in which the deer would serve as food for the Maiden.

The reverse tells the story. My interest in pursuing native culture in mosaic will never go away.

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