Mosaic by Patricia Holloran

Below is a list of valuable resources available to Mosaic artists including

mosaic supplies, organizations, education and reference materials.

Local Tile Suppliers


Architectural Surfaces

Arizona Tile

Casa Talavera

Dal Tile

Design Materials

A World of Tile

Hobby Lobby


Santa Fe:

Artesanos Imports


Online Supplies

Glass Tile Oasis


Mosaic Mecantile

Mosaic Tile Supplies

Mosaic Art Supplies



Arizona Tile's Contractor's Desk in Albuquerque, New Mexico  call: 505-883-6076

Arizona Tile's contractor's desk is here to answer any questions you might have about any of the following topics. Using the correct tools, materials and proceures will help assure your project will withstand the tests of time.

Do it once and do it right.

-Porcelain tile

-Ceramic tile


-Glass tile

-Natural stone

-Freeze / thaw



-Tools and Saws

-Sealers, Enhancers, Impregnators

-Grouts and Caulk


-Adhesives for walls and floors,  interior and exterior




Facebook Pages

3D Substrate for Mosaics

My Mosaic Friends




Mosaic Techniques and Traditions

by Sonia King
Handmade Tiles by Frank Giorgini




Below are links to information regarding our upcoming Mosaic New Mexico shows,

as well as shows being sponsored by outside organizations, such as the Society for Mosaic Artists, 

in New Mexico and around the United States. 



Application Services